About the Gardens

Pittsfield’s growing community garden program consists of 7 gardens located in the West side and Morningside neighborhoods of Pittsfield Massachusetts.  Each garden is unique and hosts its own set of educators, volunteers and students.  The community garden project is a program of  the City of Pittsfield in collaboration with several other community organizations.


The Robbins Ave. Christian Center Community garden is located next the the Christian Center in the Westside.  Current gardener’s hours at the Robbins Ave garden are Tuesdays from 11-1 and by appointment by contacting pittsfieldcommunitygardens@gmail.com.  This garden hosts several volunteer and work groups including a group from Roots Rising and Transitions program for youth. The produce grown at this garden is donated to the Christian Center . 

The Silvio Conte Community School is home to another community garden site on the Westside.  Through a close relationship with Berkshire Children and Families, this garden serves as an educational site for after school programs such as the Conte Kid’s Club. During the summer the Marilyn Hamilton Sports and Literacy Program/Christian Center WCEP summer camps have gardening activities provided at this location.  The food grown at this garden site is taken home by the children and families of the Conte Kids Club.  Gardener’s hours at the Conte School garden are on Mondays from 3-5:30 during the school year and Mondays 10-12pm during summer break.

The Rice Silk Mill ‘Garden of Eatin’ in the Morningside neighborhood is a collaboration between the City of Pittsfield and Berkshire Housing Services.  Gardener’s hours are Tuesdays from 1-3 and by appointment by pittsfieldcommunitygardens@gmail.com.  Their are 13 raised bed plots at this garden site.  About half of the beds are used for residents of the Rice Silk Mill and Cherry St. as personal community garden plots.  The other beds grow food which is donated to the Berkshire Dream Center food pantry which is just down the street from the garden.

The Morningside Community School is another educational garden site inside the Morningside neighborhood.  This site consists of three raised beds surrounding the school’s outdoor classroom.  At this site,  the Morningside Kid’s club meets weekly to learn about gardening and healthy eating.  Food grown in this garden is used as snack at the Morningside Kid’s Club.

The garden on the Common is situated in the newly renovated Common Park in the Morningside Neighborhood.  Produce grown in this garden is distributed at the Berkshire Dream Center. This garden hosts summer groups of students through the Pittsfield Parks Summer Program on Mondays.

the community garden program also facilitates and assists additional garden sites in Morningside and Westside and has helped maintain/establish gardens at the Berkshire Dream Center, Elizabeth Freeman Center, Dower Square, Crosby Elementary School, Berkshire Children and Families Head Start, Providence Court, and the Berkshire Athenaeum.

Have questions?  Want to Volunteer?  Please contact pittsfieldcommunitygardens@gmail.com or call 413.822.1961


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